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Bausman Memorial UCC Endowment Campaign


Are you interested in donating funds to support Bausman Memorial UCC now or in the future? Here are a few opportunities and thoughts for you to consider. Contact our office today to discuss personally.

Are You CLEAR on Your Year-End Planning?

If you are like many people, you do your major charitable giving toward the end of the year. Here are five suggestions to make sure your gift plans are CLEAR for successful year-end giving.

Calculate Your Income.

Did earned or unearned income increase? Did you sell appreciated assets? Will you owe more taxes? That is a good reason to increase your charitable giving before Dec. 31.

Life Income Gifts may meet your needs.

You can make a gift now, get tax benefits and receive income for the rest of your life- like a Charitable Gift Annuity.

Early giving is the key.

As the year winds down, professional advisors get busy. Call today to get professional advice for your situation.

Advisors are an important part of your planning.

Before you make a big gift and join the Benjamin Bausman Society, talk to your CPA, an attorney or other advisor to help you understand the impact of your gift.

Review Your Stocks.

It may be wise for you to make a year-end gift using appreciated stocks. A gift of appreciated stocks could save you some capital gains tax.

Contact Pastor Mark to tell him how CLEAR you are about gifting to Bausman UCC. Thanks in advance for your generosity.

10 Ways to Leave a Legacy

  1. Prepare a will. Without a will, you will lose control over how and to whom your property is distributed.

  2. Leave a gift in your will for the charities that made a difference in your life, like Bausman Memorial United Church of Christ in Wyomissing.

  3. Leave a percentage of your estate or a specific dollar amount to your favorite charity.

  4. Consider giving assets. These include cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, jewelry and art.

  5. Name your favorite charity as owner and beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy.

  6. Learn more about charitable gift annuities and how they can provide you with income during your lifetime, while ultimately benefitting Bausman Memorial UCC.

  7. Talk to your favorite charities about their needs and your interest in leaving a legacy.

  8. Remember loved ones with a memorial gift.

  9. Encourage family and friends to leave gifts to favorite charities in their wills.

  10. Ask your lawyer and financial advisor to include charitable giving as part of their advice to clients. 


What will your own legacy be?

Giving a gift to Bausman Memorial UCC can be a tax advantage for you, the donor. At the same time you are supporting the church’s good work. Contact Pastor Mark today at 610-375-9790 or via email to learn how you can Leave a Legacy.

Make a Will! Make a Difference! Remember Bausman Memorial UCC!

Leave a Legacy

Are you interested in a secure income? Leaving a Legacy to Bausman UCC? If you are 65 or older, Bausman Memorial UCC has an opportunity for you to help yourself and the Church at the same time. By signing up for a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) you can provide yourself with a fixed payment income for life. When the contract ends, the remaining amount will transfer to Bausman Memorial UCC. You can start receiving payments right away, defer the payments until you are older or take out a Charitable Gift Annuity for a parent or relative who needs income.


The benefits include: a charitable tax deduction now, tax free income for the future, avoiding the capital gains tax, if you fund the CGA with appreciated stocks.


This is a wonderful financial opportunity. Take action today! Contact Bausman Memorial UCC at 610-375-9790 or via email  and ask for a FREE illustration on how this can work for you. What a great way to leave your legacy to Bausman Memorial United Church of Christ.

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