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Bausman Temporary Closing Policy

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Bausman Memorial UCC’s consistory voted unanimously to temporarily close the church to all gatherings and restrict access to only those who need to enter the church until further notice. Anyone needing to enter the church should follow the procedures listed below. Thank you

Terry Gerhart, President of Consistory

Bausman Temporary Closing Policy

In order to comply with Federal, State and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) regulations put in place to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19, Bausman Memorial UCC has closed its doors effective immediately until further notice. Sunday worship services will continue over the internet on Facebook and YouTube. All meetings and gatherings of members and users of the facility such as the Boy Scouts will not take place at Bausman during this closure. Anyone needing to enter the church during the closure period should follow the Temporary Procedures for entering/using Bausman Memorial UCC.

Temporary Procedures for entering/using Bausman Memorial UCC.

1) Anyone needing to access the church until further notice:

a) Must contact either Consistory President, Terry Gerhart at (610) 223-4213 or gerhartsat@aol.com or Pastor Mark Johnson at (717) 304-0547 or pastor@bausmanucc.org 24 hours before entering, if possible.

Exceptions – the Pastor, Secretary, Sexton, Consistory President, Treasurer and Financial secretary.

b) Must enter the church via the ramp door.

No exceptions

c) Must sign in and out when leaving and indicate area visited.

No exceptions

d) Must wipe any surfaces touched if practical with a sanitizing wipe provided inside the door. Surfaces touched include the key pad and door handles.

No exceptions

2) Certain worship services may come from the sanctuary as long as regulations and the safety of the participants permit. Most services will be taped from the Pastor’s home and put on You Tube and Facebook at the scheduled service time.

3) Committee chairpersons should cancel meetings held at the church or make alternate arrangements to hold meetings by phone, computer etc.

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