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Lenten Bracelets – Join In this Fun & Spiritually Rich Activity:

To unite the congregation in this year’s Lenten journey we are inviting everyone to wear a “Lenten Bracelet” for the 6 weeks of Lent. You can either make yours at home or we will have options for receiving ones from the church (details are still being finalized at the time of printing). You can be as creative as you want. The key part is to use six beads or place holders, which symbolically connect with our Lenten theme.

Use one unique bead/placeholder to identify you. Use another to identify God. And then use four similar beads/placeholders to signify everything else in creation (which is far more numerous than us). Together they represent the truth that we are in relationships with ourselves, God, and the rest of creation. We are called to honor each of these relationships. The ‘God bead/placeholder’ sits between our bead/placeholder and the 4 beads/placeholders of God’s creation, because it is our relationship with God that helps rightly orient our relationship with all that is beyond us.

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