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Sunday Worship Outdoors

Outdoor worship services begins on May 16th.

We’re excited to announce that in addition to the 9:30 AM Sunday worship service in the sanctuary, Bausman UCC will have an outdoor service on the back lawn starting at 10:45 AM.

As with the indoor service, your safety is of paramount concern. The lists below pertain to the outdoor service and may change over time as the state and CDC relax and/or increase their restrictions on outdoor gatherings.

Please read the following very carefully.

1) Bausman’s 9:30 indoor worship services will continue to be posted on Facebook Live and YouTube later in the day Sunday or Monday.

2) If you are in any of the high-risk categories and do not feel safe gathering with others at this time, please continue worshiping from home.

3) If you are not feeling well, please stay home and worship from there.

4) Attendance may expose you to COVID-19 and you assume the risk of exposure.

If you plan to attend the Outdoor Service

1) In the event of rain or pending severe weather, the service will be canceled.

2) Once the service starts, if rain occurs, there is very limited shelter.

3) Wearing a mask/face covering for worshipers outdoors is optional, however a mask/face covering is required to enter the church.

4) Practice 6 feet social distancing while on church property where possible.

5) Worshipers need to bring their own chairs.

6) It is recommended that worshipers bring bottled water.

7) Only the right side back door will be open to access the unisex restroom on the first floor. However, the ramp door can be opened by an usher if handicap access to the restroom is required.

8) The office will remain locked on Sundays. Business should be conducted during the week.

What to expect during and after the service

1) The offering collection box will be located on the usher table.

2) Bulletins, masks, gloves and hand sanitizer will be available on the usher table.

3) There will be no choir.

4) There will be acappella singing led by the music director.

5) There will be no nursery services for young children.

6) Children will remain in their seats during the children’s sermon.

7) Please exit after the service in a safe and orderly fashion.

8) Please take your bulletin and everything you brought with you when you leave.

Please do not leave trash behind.

9) After the service, Pastor Mark will be available at the altar area.

We realize that these temporary guidelines and restrictions may not suit everyone at this time. If that is the case, please continue worshiping from home and we hope to see you in the future when these guidelines and restrictions are relaxed.


Terry Gerhart Mark Johnson

President of Consistory

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