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Redner's SAVE-A-TAPE Program

We collect Redner’s receipts for a financial return. If you shop at Redner’s using your Rewards card, please help out Bausman by giving us your receipts. You may send (or drop off) your receipts to the church. Lois Talarigo continues to over-see this effort and does a great job of keeping everything in order. Every bit helps. Thank you!

How does this help Bausman?

First, the shopper must have a SAVE-A-TAPE or Redner’s Rewards card. Then, every time you shop at Redner’s, present the check-out clerk with your card. At the bottom of your receipt will be the valued amount of the 1% refund (certain items, such as milk and tobacco products, are not credited.) Save these tapes, bring them to the church or drop it in the mail slot in the door off the ramp. The tapes will be added up by Lois Talarigo and turned in to Redner’s. Bausman will receive a check totaling 1% of the total amount of these receipts.

Shopping at Redner’s and using your card can add to Bausman’s income which will be used in our mission to the community and beyond. Thank you!

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