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Volunteer Opportunities

At Bausman our volunteer opportunities allow us to give back by using the unique gifts and talents God has given us. We host programs throughout the week and all are possible because of our incredible volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering in any of the opportunities listed below, simply click on the e-mail address listed and reach out to the contact.

Choir Members
New members are always welcome to all of our choirs! Come and join our dedicated group of volunteers of all ages; gathering to sing and ring, growing in music skills and faith, and serving our church in leading our worship.
We have members who need transportation to and from worship on Sunday mornings. If you have room in your vehicle and would enjoy some company, let us know.
Facebook Contributors
Are you on Facebook? We are looking for a few administrators to add to our Facebook team. Responsibilities include writing short posts to advertise Bausman events, sharing photos shortly after events, and monitoring posts to ensure we maximize our "shares" and "likes". Creativity and attention to detail is needed.
The Prayer Shawl Ministry is looking for additional knitters. Our mission is to knit shawls and pray over them to bring joy and comfort to the person receiving the shawl.
Meals on Wheels
Occasionally congregation members need a meal brought to them because of recent surgery, illness or mishap. Join this group and help a friend in need.
Ushering is easy and there are only 4 things to do - 1. Arrive at the church a half hour before the service begins. 2. Smile and say hello to each person entering the sanctuary. 3. Hand each person a bulletin 4. Help collect the offering. Give it a try!
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